Are you struggling with wireless around the house? We can connect Sky Boxes, Games consoles even your Smart TV to your broadband router.






Data Cabling in Reading

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Are you getting fed up with wireless drop out around the house, kids screaming their games are buffering on the play station, or Apps not working properly on your new SMART TV? We can install a professional data system, giving fixed connectivity to your broadband router to eliminate these common issues.

Professional Data Systems

With the addition of a new switch you can have as many data points around the house as you wish. You can have your TV connected directly to your broadband router, no more wireless drop outs every time the phone rings. With data sockets you can be assured of a permanent connection to the internet for all the family.

Wireless Extenders

If you prefer, you can have wireless extenders instead of cabling, these can minimise the amount of cabling required and offer great connectivity for your smart phones and tablets. Remember though lots of items around the house can use wireless, such as landline phones, SONOS sound systems; these ultimately can cause some interference with each other, which can impact on the overall wireless coverage. Give us a call and one of our friendly staff can advise the best options available.


We can now supply you with Ultra-Fast Fibre through our recommended Telco provider. Line rental and broadband deals cheaper than the major providers. Call now for more information.




The Benefits

  • Connect multiple devices to your broadband router
  • Connect your Smart TV
  • And your games consoles
  • Distribute HD content around the house
  • Reduce buffering
  • Prevent wireless drop out
  • Ultra Fast Fibre now available